OSCAR does not accept scanned transcripts uploaded to an applicant’s account.  Applicants must type their grades into an online grade sheet form, which OSCAR then converts into a PDF document.  There are three types of grade sheets you can create in OSCAR:  Law School Grade Sheet, Undergraduate Grade Sheet, and Other Grade Sheet.  An applicant can create up to two (2) Law School Grade Sheets, three (3) Undergraduate Grade Sheets, and three (3) Other Grade Sheets.  Judges and staff attorney offices are aware that these grade sheets are not official transcripts, and you should be ready to present official copies of your transcripts at any time during the hiring process.


Warning:  After 55 minutes, your OSCAR session will time out.  When typing your grade sheet, you MUST periodically click on the Save button as well as the Upload button to save your grade sheet entries.  The Save button only saves the information to the system and allows you to continue to work on the grade sheet form.  This button does not convert the saved information into a PDF document.  To generate a PDF document of your grade sheet form, you must click the Upload button.


  1. Click My Documents in the main navigation.
  2. My Documents
  3. To upload or create a document, click the Add New button at the bottom of My Documents.
  4. add new
  5. OSCAR displays the form to upload or create new application documents.
  6. Enter a name for your document in the Document Label field.
  7. document label field
  8. Choose the Document Type from the drop-down menu.
  9. document type
  10. OSCAR displays the grade sheet form. Begin by entering a number in the Grade Sheet Ordering field.  If you are going to include multiple grade sheets of the same type in your application (e.g., two Law Grade Sheets), the Grade Sheet Ordering field allows you to control which grade sheet appears first in the application packet.
  11. grade sheet ordering
  12. Verify the School Name.  By default, this field is already filled out. If you transferred schools, the School Name field can be edited:
    • For a Law Grade Sheet, use the pull-down menu to select from the list of ABA accredited law schools.  If your school is not on the list (e.g., a foreign law school), you must choose Other.
      School Name Field
    • For Undergrad and Other grade sheets, you can highlight the field and manually enter a different school name.
      different school name
  13. The Grading System Description text box is optional.  You can use it to describe your school’s grading system.  This is especially useful for alternative grading methods.
  14. grading system description
  15. Enter your cumulative GPA in the box provided (optional).
  16. cumulative GPA
  17. Enter the Semester/Quarter Date for your first term.
  18. semester quarter date
  19. Enter the Ordering number for the Semester/Quarter—a required field.  OSCAR uses the ordering number to organize your grade sheet.  If you don't enter an ordering number, OSCAR won't know the order the semesters should appear in or which course go with which semesters.  The program does not use the date to establish a chronological order.  So, for your first term, you should enter "1," for your second term "2," etc.  Failure to do this will result in a disorganized grade sheet that shows your terms in a random order.
  20. ordering field
  21. Start entering in your courses in the course rows.  You are only required to enter a Course Name—all other fields are optional.
  22. entering data in course rows
  23. Click the Add Course Row button to add a new row to that Semester/Quarter.
  24. add course row
  25. If you have fewer courses in any given Semester/Quarter (or you added too many rows), use the Delete Course Row button to remove the blank rows.
  26. Delete Course Row
  27. Enter additional information regarding that Semester/Quarter in the Narrative text box.  This could include information that did not fit in the course rows (e.g., a leave of absence, semester honors or other academic awards, etc.)
  28. Narrative Text Box
  29. Click the Add Semester/Quarter button to add a new section.
  30. add semester or quarter
  31. Click the Save button frequently to save your work to the OSCAR server.
  32. save
  33. The Upload button does three things:
    • Saves your work to the OSCAR server,
    • Returns you to the previous screen, the My Documents tab.
    • Most importantly, the Upload button converts your grade sheet into a PDF document.
    • upload button


    If you click Upload again before OSCAR completes saving and converting your gradesheet to PDF, you will cause a Conflicting Update error. Allow OSCAR to complete processing the initial request before proceeding.


  34. Once you have clicked the Upload button, your grade sheet will be available in your list of documents on the My Documents tab.  Click the PDF icon to the left of your grade sheet to preview your work.
  35. PDF icon


    If you do not see your entire grade sheet displayed in the PDF file, but the information shows up on the grade sheet form, you probably did not click the Upload button.  The Upload button triggers the system to add your additional entries to the OSCAR-generated PDF grade sheet.  Try clicking the Upload button again on the grade sheet form to force the system to regenerate the PDF document.


  36. To return to the grade sheet and continue editing or updating it, click the document’s label on the My Documents tab.
  37. click the document label