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System-Wide Enhancements

Mobile Responsive
Mobile Responsiveness
  • Access OSCAR from your smart phone, tablet, or mobile device
Simpler Account Management
  • No more security questions
  • Simpler password reset process
Enhanced Search and Filters
  • Site-wide search
  • Streamlined searches through advanced filters


Improved Alerts
  • Improved system notifications, alerts, and messaging


  • Folders replaced with tagging to label and organize your applicants or positions
  • Create custom tags
Training Page


New Training Page
  • Register for upcoming training events
  • View training videos and recorded webinars
  • Sign up for one-on-one training

Enhancements for Judiciary Users

Judge Interface

  • New dashboard
  • Hiring status automatically updated if you have a position posted or not
  • New chambers staff account user roles for simpler account management

Position Postings

  • Clear four-step process for posting positions
  • More flexibility in selecting term lengths (six months, one year, 18 months, two years, etc.)
  • Auto-save feature for draft position postings
  • View position postings from an applicant's view

Applicants List

  • Streamlined search filters
  • Centralized view of applicant details
  • Simpler batch options
  • New tagging feature to organize applicants

Enhancements for Non-Judiciary Users


  • No more manual entry of grade sheets
  • Applicants can upload transcripts

Improved Recommendation Process

  • Recommenders receive an email with an embedded link to directly upload their recommendation letter

Unified Positions List

  • Clerkship and staff attorney positions are combined in one list for one-stop viewing, searching, and applying
  • Positions are automatically sorted by open date to prioritize and display the newest positions first
  • New tagging feature to help organize your positions
  • Quickly save your favorite positions


  • Improved step-by-step application process
  • Revised application provides better judge and position information all in one place