OSCAR provides several tools to manipulate the Judges List and Staff Attorneys List to help you find positions suitable to your interests.  Both the Judges List and Staff Attorneys List are highly sortable, which is especially useful for reviewing results from the basic or advanced search tools.  Use the basic search, which includes the most popular search filters, as your primary tool for narrowing down these lists.  If you need to execute a more detailed search, try the Advanced Search tab, which has a more extensive list of search parameters.  Remember:  Judges and staff attorneys have separate Advanced Search tabs.  Taking some time to familiarize yourself with these methods will help you get the most out of the OSCAR web application.


About the Judges List & Staff Attorneys List

The Judges List contains federal circuit, district, magistrate, and bankruptcy court judges, as well as specialty courts and special masters appointed by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  The Staff Attorneys List shows the 13 appellate staff attorney offices. 

OSCAR organizes the Judges List by judge name (first and last), type of judge, court, city, whether online applications are accepted, preferred application methods, and date the account was last modified. 

The screen capture below shows the three kinds of judge entries you will find in the list. These include:

  1. Judges who do not participate in OSCAR.  These judges have not registered for OSCAR and do not have an account.  They are grayed out in the Judges List and have no further information associated with their entries. 
  2. OSCAR participating judges who do have a position available.  When a judge has a position posted, you will see the details shown below the judge's name in the Clerkship Information field. 
  3. OSCAR participating judges who do not have positions posted.  These judges have OSCAR accounts but do not currently have positions posted.  In some cases, a judge may maintain an OSCAR account specifically to advertise that they are not not hiring. Clicking on these entries will only allow you to view the judge's OSCAR profile.  You will not be able to create an application packet.
  4. Judge List

OSCAR organizes the Staff Attorneys List by circuit name, court, city, whether online applications are accepted, preferred application methods, and date the account was last modified.  The Staff Attorney List displays participating, non-participating, and offices with posted positions in the same manner as the Judges List.

Staff Attorney List Thumb

Sorting the Judges List & Staff Attorneys List

You can sort the Judges List or Staff Attorneys List by any column header with a delta symbol next to it.  This symbol indicates the order of the sort.  When the delta points down, the column is sorted in descending order (A-Z).  When it faces up, the column is sorted in ascending (Z-A) order.  By default the Judges List is sorted by the judge Last Name in descending (A-Z) order and the Staff Attorneys List is sorted by circuit name in descending order. 

To sort by another category, click on a column header.  The active column will appear in red and the list will be sorted by that column in descending order.  Click the column header again to reverse the order of the sort.  For example, if you click on the Type of Judge column header in the Judges List, the list will display entries in descending order (A-Z) by judge type.  All bankruptcy judges will be listed first, followed by circuit judges, etc.  Clicking on the column heading again will reverse the sort order. 

Judge Sort

Using the Basic Search

OSCAR's Basic Search is a convenient feature for managing the Judges List or Staff Attorney Offices List.  Each list has its own basic search box.  The search filters allow you to narrow your focus and view only those listings relevant to your interests.  You can access the basic search box from other tabs as well (e.g., Folders).

To use the basic search:

  1. Choose your search options and/or enter Keywords to search by judge name or city. 
  2. Multiple selections can be made in the Clerkship Position Status and Application Method fields. 
  3. Once you have made your selections, click the Apply Search button to execute the search.  The Judges List will now display only those entries that meet the search criteria.
  4. Basic Search

Remember: Always click the Clear button clear button before conducting a new search.  This will remove any search parameters you've selected and return the Judges List to its default state.

The Advanced Search Tool

If you wish to search by very specific criteria or are not able to satisfactorily narrow down the Judges List using other methods, try using the Advanced Search.  Judges and Staff Attorney Offices have separate Advanced Search tabs.  Both are accessible under Search For Positions on the main navigation.  Advanced Search offers a comprehensive list of search criteria as well as the ability to save chosen criteria for future searches.

For more information, please refer to the Perform an Advanced Search tip sheet available in OSCAR's online help.

advanced search tab