What is OSCAR?

OSCAR (Online System for Clerkship Application and Review) is a secure, user-friendly, online resource that streamlines federal law clerk and appellate staff attorney hiring. OSCAR's extensive set of features allows users to easily manage every aspect of the hiring process. Using OSCAR, judges and staff attorney offices can find the candidate most suited to their needs, and applicants can find a position that fits their unique interests and talents.

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  • Tip sheets with illustrated step-by-step instructions
  • Video tutorials
  • OSCAR news and alerts
  • Extensive online help and feedback
    Judges Court Unit Administrators Staff Attorney Offices
    • Post your law clerk positions and application requirements.
    • Choose to accept applications online, by mail, and by email.
    • Maintain a judge profile to inform applicants of your hiring practices.
    • Sort and screen applicants and view applications with just a few mouse clicks.
    • Rank applications and use OSCAR’s electronic notes capability for applications.
    • Manage your applications in custom folders.
    • Generate printable packets with only the documents you want to see.
    • Use OSCAR’s email feature to communicate with your applicants and send clerkship position postings to law schools.
    • Manage the application process for judges in your court, including maintaining judge profiles, posting clerkship positions, and managing applications.
    • Access OSCAR’s easy-to-use reporting feature to track law clerk hiring in your court.
    • Receive program updates on law clerk hiring and OSCAR from the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.
    • Post your staff attorney position requirements to find the ideal candidate.
    • Indicate whether you are accepting applications online, by mail, by email, or not accepting applications at all.
    • Use OSCAR’s extensive search and sort features to identify applicants who meet your hiring criteria.
    • Rank applications and use OSCAR’s electronic notes capability for applications.
    • Manage your applications in custom folders.
    • Print only the application documents that you want to see.
    • Communicate with your applicants and send staff attorney position postings to law schools.
    Applicants Law School Administrators Recommenders
    • Find clerkship and staff attorney positions that meet your career goals using OSCAR’s detailed search capability.
    • Upload application documents and identify your recommenders.
    • Create and submit online applications.
    • Generate electronic requests for recommendation letters when you apply to a position.
    • Review judges’ profiles to determine their hiring practices.
    • Access your school’s applicant and recommender accounts.
    • Upload your faculty recommenders into OSCAR’s Master Recommender Directory.
    • Maintain your law school profile and certify class rank.
    • Upload letters of recommendation on behalf of your faculty and assist your applicants in creating applications.
    • Use OSCAR’s reporting feature to review OSCAR information in a convenient table format.
    • Check for the latest clerkship and staff attorney positions, monitor OSCAR usage by your applicants, review recommendation requests for your faculty, and much more.
    • Communicate with your faculty and students through OSCAR’s batch email feature.
    • Review pending recommendation requests.
    • Submit recommendation letters on behalf of applicants.
    • Use OSCAR’s online editor to create one letter that will be personalized to every judge or staff attorney office that the applicant applies to.
    • Create and save letters as templates for future recommendation requests.