OSCAR Launches New and Updated Resources

The OSCAR Program Office is pleased to announce the release of two resources that we hope will be helpful to the entire OSCAR community as rising 2Ls begin to enter the system and another season of hiring ramps up.

Rising 2L Applicant Prep Kit

To help rising 2Ls prepare for their initial access to OSCAR starting July 1, we have developed resources including a four-page quick reference guide, mobile-friendly tip sheets, and YouTube videos that walk applicants through the entire process.

We've worked with 2Ls who gained access to OSCAR last July to find out what would have been helpful when they first entered the system. Most of these students indicated that an overview of the basic interface and some of the main functions would have been a big help.

The quick reference guide, which can be downloaded as a PDF, explains the main positions interface and steps you through the main system functions.

We also have included tip sheets that 2Ls suggested to help applicants get up to speed quickly. Most of the tip sheets are now mobile-friendly and we will convert the remaining tip sheets over the next few weeks.  We hope applicants can use these resources on their phones as they step through the OSCAR system once they have access.

The Applicant Prep Kit is available here: https://oscar.uscourts.gov/applicant-prep-kit

Also feel free to send feedback directly to: tyrus_manuel@ao.uscourts.gov.

Interactive Maps Updated for CY 2016

We also have released our interactive maps for online position postings and applications by district and circuit for the 2016 calendar year.  You can hover over either the district or circuit to see the number of positions posted and the number of applications.  Many students and law schools use the information to help plan their clerkship search strategies.

The maps are available here: https://oscar.uscourts.gov/oscar_data

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