As new clerkship and staff attorney positions continue to open in OSCAR, the Program Office would like to offer a few reminders for applicants regarding managing documents, a key step of the application process.

Before applying to any position, OSCAR recommends you upload all your application documents. Application documents include your resume, cover letter, writing samples, and grade sheets. Uploaded documents must be saved in your OSCAR account as PDF files, each with a maximum size of 1 MB. Note: While each application is different in terms of which documents are required, resumes are required for all applications in OSCAR.

How to Upload Your Documents

To upload and manage your documents, log into your OSCAR account and click on the My Documents tab. Make sure to review the pertinent information regarding document uploads provided in the blue box titled "Document Upload Limits."

My Documents

Add New DocumentTo upload a document, click Add New. You will then be prompted to label your document and choose the document type (resume, clerkship cover letter, staff attorney cover letter, writing sample, law grade sheet, other grade sheet, or undergraduate grade sheet). If you are uploading a document, you can then choose your file. Note: All document uploads must be PDF files.

You can create cover letters in OSCAR using the online editor feature. To do so, select one of the cover letter or grade sheet options from the Document Type dropdown menu and the online editor will automatically open. For detailed instructions, see the tip sheet titled Create a Cover Letter Using the Online Editor located within the Help section of your OSCAR account. If you prefer to upload your cover letter as PDF, you may do so (see the tip sheet titled Requirements for Uploading Documents).

Document TypeTo add grade sheets, you must use OSCAR's online form, which automatically opens after you select one of the grade sheet options from the Document Type dropdown menu. After you label your grade sheet, select the grade sheet type. Note: Document types cannot be changed, however, applicants can update their grade sheet form and add new grades as they become available later on. For detailed instructions, see the tip sheet titled Create an Applicant Grade Sheet.

Tips for Managing Your Documents

  • Make sure your PDF files are searchable. All PDF files should have this capability built in, but it is always a good idea to double check your documents before uploading them by performing a search. If your file is not searchable, you can fix this in Adobe Acrobat by going to Tools > Recognize Text > In This File and turn Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on.
  • Keep your files simple. Each PDF can be no more than 1 MB, so refrain from using elaborate images or letterhead. Take advantage of OSCAR's online editor for cover letters, which allows you to automatically insert salutations and addresses specific to each application you submit while using the same cover letter content.
  • If you choose to upload your cover letters in PDF format, you can have no more than 100 clerkship and 100 staff attorney letters uploaded at one time. If you are applying for more than 100 positions, you will need to delete files from My Documents after you have submitted those applications in order to make room for more.
  • Make your application as easy as possible for reviewers. Keep your writing samples short. If your samples exceed the 1 MB file size limit, they can be broken up into two files, but no more than two writing samples can be provided for each application.
  • Changes made within My Documents do NOT propagate to existing applications (draft or finalized). If you update a document used in a previously drafted application, you must manually update your application to include your most up-to-date document. If you are updating a grade sheet, save the updated grade sheet with a new Document Label to ensure all updates are included.
  • Have your transcripts on hand. Although OSCAR does not require official transcripts, you will need to enter the information from your transcripts to create your grade sheet(s). Judges and staff attorney offices may request official transcripts at the time of the interview.

For further instructions and details on managing your documents in OSCAR, see the Application Process Overview and the Applicant Prep Kit.

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