As new clerkship and staff attorney positions continue to open in OSCAR, the Program Office would like to offer a few reminders for applicants regarding managing recommenders.


How to Add Recommenders

Before applying to any positions on OSCAR, you must first identify your recommenders. Note: Check with your career services office for any specific procedures required by your law school for getting faculty recommendations. Make sure you confirm with your law school and recommenders BEFORE adding them in the OSCAR system.

Once you have received their approval, log into OSCAR and navigate to My Recommendations and then Choose My Recommenders. Use the search function under Search All Recommenders to find your recommender in the system. If you do not find your recommender, you can add him/her by clicking "Create Recommender," but be sure to carefully enter their contact information so that they receive the request from the system.

After you have chosen your recommenders, updated your documents, and completed your profile, you can begin searching and applying for positions.


Tips for Managing Your Recommenders

Communicate with Your Recommender(s)

Once you have received their approval, keep your recommenders informed of what they need to do.

  • Recommenders do NOT need to create their own accounts in OSCAR; they simply receive email notifications from the system once you have submitted your application.
  • The initial notification sent from OSCAR to the recommender includes a username and password in two separate emails. Recommenders should log in to OSCAR with this username and password to submit the recommendation. Note: These emails are sent only once (the first time you submit an application using the recommender). If your recommender did not receive the initial email with their username and password, or misplaced the information, they can contact the OSCAR Help Desk for a reset.
  • Reminder notifications regarding new and/or pending requests are automatically sent from on Monday mornings. If you notice that your recommendation has not been completed, check in with your recommender.


Take Advantage of OSCAR Features

OSCAR has many built-in features to make submitting recommendations as easy as possible. Make sure you pass these tips on to your recommenders.

  • Recommenders are automatically set as "default" so that they can be used for future applications. If you do not want to use a particular recommender for future applications, be sure to "unset" them as your default recommender.
  • If you are applying to multiple positions and want to use the same recommendations for all, let your recommender know and have them designate their letter to automatically fill all future requests.
  • Recommenders can customize their notification email settings from OSCAR, e.g., frequency of notifications (new requests for recommendations, pending recommendation requests, etc.).
  • Recommendation letters can be submitted in two formats: (1) a PDF (300 KB max) created and uploaded by the recommender, or (2) a letter created in OSCAR using the online editor. One benefit of letters created with the online editor is that they can automatically include the receiving judge's or staff attorney office's name and address for multiple applications.
  • Recommenders can save letters as templates for future use.

For further instructions and details on managing your recommenders in OSCAR, see the Application Process Overview and the Applicant Prep Kit.

And remember, if your recommenders have any questions on using OSCAR, they can contact the help desk at 866-666-2120, Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM, or email


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