Throughout the year, you may need to update your applications to reflect a growth in skills and experience or grades received from the most recent semester. If you need to update your resume, cover letters, or grades on finalized applications, follow the instructions below.

Please Note: Any changes to your work experience, prior judicial experience, education, contact information, etc. should also be made within your My Profile tab. Information from your profile is automatically transferred to your existing applications, and hiring judges and staff attorney offices can perform searches on criteria in your profile, so it is important that all information is kept up to date.

Upload a New Resume or Cover Letter

To upload a new resume or cover letter, log in to OSCAR and go to the My Documents tab, then click on the Add New button. Enter a unique document label and select the document type, then click Upload. Note: OSCAR has a maximum limit for how many resumes and cover letters you can have uploaded at a time, so you may need to delete one of the old to make room for the new.

Update Your Grade Sheet(s)

To update your grade sheets, log in to OSCAR and go to the My Documents tab to find your grade sheet, then click on the name to open it and access the editable fields. Before you make any edits, you must update the Document Label to a new name (we recommend using a title and date, for example, "Grade Sheet_August 2017"). After you have made your changes, click Save and then Upload.

Update Your Application(s) 

To update your existing application(s) with a new resume, grade sheet, writing sample, or cover letter, go to the My Applications tab and locate the application you want to update, then click Edit. Find the relevant section, remove the old document, and select the new. When you are done, scroll down and click the Update Application button. Repeat this process for each application you wish to update.

Please Note: If you wish to replace your resume or cover letter for multiple applications at one time, there is a convenient batch option to do so. Within the My Applications tab, scroll down to Batch Options, check the box to select the relevant application(s),and then click Replace Resume/Cover Letter to select the new documents you want to update your application with. There is no batch option to upload new grade sheets to multiple existing applications, so you must go into each existing application and select the updated grade sheet as outlined above.

For more information, see the tip sheets titled Upload Application Documents, Create an Applicant Grade Sheet, and Update Your Profile located under "Help" when logged into your account.

Further information helpful to applicants can be found within the Application Process Overview and the Applicant Prep Kit.




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