If you are new to OSCAR, it's important to understand how the system handles recommendations. The online recommendations process mimics the one used in the paper world, except that the applicant simply generates a recommendation request that is then sent by email to the recommender through OSCAR. The email contains a secure link that takes recommenders directly to the screen in OSCAR where they upload their letter. Alternately, a recommender can log into their OSCAR account to see pending requests and submit letters of recommendation. OSCAR then sends the letter to the judge or staff attorney office as part of the application. Submitting a recommendation in OSCAR is as easy as one-two-three:

Step 1 Three step recommendation process chart also explained in text below Step 3
Applicants generate a recommendation request by selecting a recommender as part of creating their application. Note: Recommenders do not register for OSCAR; an account is created once they are identified as a recommender in the system by applicants. OSCAR sends the recommender an email with a secure link. The link takes the recommender directly to the screen in OSCAR where they submit their recommendation letter. The secure link expires after 14 days, but recommenders can log into their accounts to view and fill requests for letters of recommendation at any time. Once the recommender submits the letter, OSCAR will attach the document to the application packet for the requested position. Note: The applicant can see that a letter has been submitted but can never view its contents.

For more information on how OSCAR handles letters of recommendation, please review the following help articles and also see the Training & Resources section below:

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