In a previous blog entry, we discussed methods for determining a judge's hiring status, including using the Basic Search on the Judges List to find available clerkship positions.  However, since most applicants are looking for more detail than just whether a judge is hiring, this blog will explore OSCAR's search options in more detail. 

Basic Search

The Basic Search on the Judges List provides a small selection of general search options, which include:

  • Keywords – Search for a match on judge name and city.
  • Clerkship Position Status – Select Available to see currently open clerkship positions.  Additionally, searching by Filled or Expired can help you get a feel for how often certain judges hire.
  • Clerkship Type – Narrow your search by the type of clerkship position you are interested in applying for.  "Term Law Clerk – Chambers" positions are the most frequently posted type in OSCAR.
  • Application Method – Find out which judges are accepting online positions through OSCAR and which judges prefer paper applications.
  • Judge Types – Look for clerkships posted by circuit, district, bankruptcy, or magistrate judges.
  • Term Start Month/Year – Find clerkships starting in a particular month or year.
  • Post/Last Modified Date for Open Positions – Find clerkships that have been recently posted or modified.
  • Post/Last Modified Date for Closed Positions – Determine when closed clerkships were posted or last modified.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search provides an extensive list of search options and allows you to be very granular in your clerkship research.  Search options broadly break down into five categories, but before we explore those, we need to address search logic.

AND versus OR

The first option in the Advanced Search is "And/Or."  This allows you to change the way OSCAR conducts a search.  The default selection is "AND."  This means that search results must match ALL of the criteria you select.  If you select "OR" instead, OSCAR will return search results that meet ANY of the selected criteria.

Search Categories

The search options available in the Advanced Search generally group into the following categories.

  • Region – Look for clerkships in a particular circuit, state, or district.
  • Court/judge type – Look for positions in appeals, district, and bankruptcy courts or investigate specialty courts (Court of Federal Claims, Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims, and Court of International Trade).
  • Clerkship attributes – Search by clerkship term length, clerkship type, and term start or end dates.
  • Judge attributes – Look for OSCAR participating judges, judges with certain application method preferences, and those who have identified their undergraduate school, law schools, or date of appointment.
  • Position requirements – For judges who have posted clerkship positions in OSCAR, you can search by specific requirements, including experience preferences, class rank preferences, application methods, interview methods accepted, etc.

Additional Resources

For more information of searching in OSCAR, you can review the following tip sheets.

Questions or Comments?

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