OSCAR offers a simple solution for searching for and applying to federal clerkship positions. As we have seen, OSCAR provides some powerful search tools that allow applicants to find exactly the clerkships that would suit their interests and experience. However, some applicants are interested in applying to a large list of available positions. If there are a large number of positions you are interested in, it may be difficult to keep track of everything, so OSCAR provides a folder system to help you manage them.

OSCAR gives applicants the ability to create folders, name them, save interesting positions to folders, copy/move positions to other folders, and do pretty much what you would do with folders in your own computer operating system. You can create separate folders for clerkship and staff attorney positions, and you can save positions to folders one at a time or in batches. To review your saved positions, click on the folder from the list on your Home tab or from Search for Positions > Folders.

Note: Saving a position to a folder does not create an application. Building an application is a separate process, but it is one you can do from one of your custom folders.

There are two ways you can copy positions into folders.

Method One - Copy Multiple Positions to a Folder (Batch Options)

Use this method when you identify multiple clerkship or staff attorney positions to copy to a new or existing folder. You can access the Batch Options menu from the Judges List,  Staff Attorney Office ListFolders, and Search Results. Simply check the boxes next to the positions you are interested in and click [Copy to New Folder] or Copy to Existing Folder in the Batch Options menu. OSCAR will prompt you to either create your new folder or select the folder you want the positions to be stored in. When you are ready for a second look, navigate back to the folder.

Method Two - Copy a Single Position to a Folder (Copy to Folders Button)

If you are searching for clerkships and you would like to copy a position to a folder whenever you see something that interests you, OSCAR provides the Copy to Folders button. (Note: If you have already copied the position to a folder, OSCAR replaces this button with the Change Folders button.) Whenever a judge has an available clerkship position, OSCAR displays a Clerkship Information section for that judge, whether in the the Judges ListFolders, or Search Results tabs. The Copy to Folders button appears on the far right of that section. Click it, and OSCAR will allow you to create a new folder or choose an existing folder to copy the position into.

Further Information

For detailed instructions on using folders, see the Copy Positions into Folders tip sheet.

Questions or Comments?

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