The final step in the OSCAR online application process is assembling and submitting your applications.  Before building your applications, you should upload your application documents to the My Documents tab, add your recommenders in the My Recommendations tab, and identify the positions you will be applying to.  With these tasks completed ahead of time, building applications will be a straightforward process.

Draft Versus Finalized Applications

The only document that you need to create an application in OSCAR is a resume. Of course, it is unlikely that you would submit an application to a judge that only includes a resume, as most judges require a bit more in the way of documentation. However, the first part of creating an application in OSCAR is to create a draft application.  Among other things, creating a draft application is how you send requests to recommenders for letters of recommendation. Note: You can delete a draft application and retain the option to re-apply to the position.

Once you have completely assembled your application by attaching the required documents and sending your requests for letters of recommendation, you can finalize the application. This action makes the full application viewable to the judge.  Note: You can update application documents and recommenders on finalized applications. OSCAR allows this in order to accommodate law students whose resumes can be continuously evolving during an application window.  These applicants may wish to add a new semester of grades to their grade sheets, have a recommender upload an updated letter of recommendation, or substitute a more recent writing sample. You cannot delete finalized applications. You can withdraw a finalized application from consideration; however, you cannot re-apply to the position.

A Word About Application Limits

Applicants can have up to 100 online applications submitted to chambers law clerk positions at any one time, although you can create as many draft applications as you like. You can reclaim application slots by withdrawing applications, but remember that you cannot re-apply to a position once you have withdrawn your application. Additionally, if a judges marks a position filled, the application slot will return to you, and if a position expires, the application slot returns after 30 days or when you withdraw the application. Remember OSCAR uses Eastern Time for all position information, including open and close dates.

Note: Application limits do not apply to staff attorney positions and pro se, death penalty, and bankruptcy appellate panel law clerk positions.

Building Your Applications

You must build all applications individually.  OSCAR does not provide a means for you to create a single application packet to submit to multiple positions.  This ensures that all applications are individually tailored for each position.  Once you assemble your applications, OSCAR does provide the option for you to submit them all at once using the Batch Options menu.

There are three basic steps to building your applications:

Access the Position Posting

Locate a Position

Locate a Position

  1. Navigate to the position.  You can find positions directly on the Judges List, by using the Advanced Search, or you may have stored it in a folder.
  2. Click on the judge’s last name to open the Judge Details tab. 
  3. Click the Clerkships List tab to see a list of the judge’s clerkship positions. 
  4. OSCAR displays the list of clerkship positions. Click View & Apply in the Options column to access the Position Details tab.

Attach Application Materials & Create Your Draft Application

Build Application

Build Application

  1. Review the clerkship information (dates, description, location, etc.) and requirements (documents, recommendations required, law journal/review, class standing, etc.).
  2. OSCAR displays the preferred method of application in the Build an Application box.
    • If a judge is not accepting online applications, compile your application outside of OSCAR and submit the materials to the judge by the indicated application method.
    • If the judge is accepting online applications, you can begin building an application.  The Build an Application box outlines the steps.
  3. Use the drop-down menus to select the documents to include with the application. The [new] option allows you to enter/upload a new document. The documents a judge requires for a particular position are listed under the Required Documents field.
  4. If the judge requires a list of references, enter them in the References box.
  5. If the judge requires individual letters of recommendation, select your recommenders by checking the boxes next to their names.  Default recommenders will already be checked.  Remember that you must add your recommenders on the My Recommenders tab for them to be available in the Build an Application box. Note: Completing this step and clicking the Create Draft Application button triggers OSCAR to send the recommendation requests to your recommenders' accounts.
  6. When you have attached your documents and identified your recommenders, click Create Draft Application. OSCAR creates your draft application and sends recommendation requests to your designated recommenders. If you choose, you can delete the draft application and still have the option to re-apply to the position.

Review and Finalize your Application

Finalize Application

Finalize Application

  1. Click on the individual application documents and the full application packet to make sure everything is correct.  Note: You will not be able to view your letters of recommendation. You can check if your recommender submitted the requested letter from My Recommendations in the main navigation menu.
  2. To release your application to the judge for viewing, click the Finalize Application button. You can continue to make changes to application documents or recommenders on finalized applications to available positions although the application is viewable to the judge. Note: All times in OSCAR are Eastern Time, including position Close Dates.

Additional Resources

The following tip sheets provided step-by-step instructions:

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