OSCAR Working Group Membership

For questions regarding the OSCAR Working Group, please contact the OSCAR Program Office at 1-866-666-2120.

Member Position District Circuit Term
Smith, William E., Chair District Judge RI   12/23
Alonso, Felipe, III Associate Director, Career Planning and Professional Development, University of Oregon School of Law     12/25
Buescher, Brian C. District Judge NE   12/24
Cooper, Christopher Reid District Judge
Drees, Marilyn Director, Career Development Office, University of Texas School of Law     12/25
Ezra, David Alan District Judge TX (W)   12/25
Hale, David J. District Judge KY (W)   12/25
Hollins, Evelyn A. Human Resources Manager IN (S)   12/25
McCain, Rochelle R. Director of Judicial Clerkships, Career Development Office, Yale Law School
McLaughlin, Julie Associate Director, Office of Career Services, The George Washington University Law School
Moorer, Terry Fitzgerald District Judge AL (S)   12/23
Simms, Gina Laurie District Judge MD   12/25
Smith, Jerry Edwin Circuit Judge   5th 12/25
Staab, Susan Senior Director of Judicial Clerkships, Office of Career Services, University of Chicago Law School     12/25
Thomas, Sidney R. Circuit Judge   9th 12/24
Walrath, Mary Frances Bankruptcy Judge DE   12/25
Wood, Melissa Lucerne Senior Staff Attorney   4th 12/25


To identify current process and system issues, develop recommendations for new requirements or enhancements, represent the users in setting priorities and assessing system implications associated with policy issues and decisions, and promote orderly, transparent federal law clerk recruitment and hiring practices.

Date Created | June 2008

Member Composition | A member of the Committee on Judicial Resources will chair the working group. The judge will continue to serve as working group chair through the end of the calendar year upon concluding his or her term on the Committee.

Meeting Frequency | The working group will hold an annual meeting in the first quarter of each fiscal year. The working group chair may convene additional meetings as necessary in person or via teleconference.

Terms of Service | Renewable 1-3 year terms