About Temporary Law Clerks

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Are you an experienced legal professional or former law clerk looking for a flexible, short-term position?

Courts are often in need of temporary chambers law clerks. Needs vary, from workload emergencies to coverage when a current law clerk is out for an extended period. Temporary law clerks may be needed for up to 12 weeks while a clerk is absent under the court's paid parental leave program, up to 24 weeks when a clerk is absent while caring for a family member with a serious health condition, or even longer when the clerk is absent due to his or her own illness or when the court is experiencing a workload related emergency.

These positions benefit from an experienced hand who has some flexibility in their schedule. If this describes you, login to OSCAR and review our Temporary Law Clerk opportunities.

How to View Temporary Law Clerk Positions

If you haven't yet, register for an OSCAR applicant account.

  1. Log into OSCAR.
  2. Select Positions > All Positions in the left navigation menu.
  3. Under Search for Positions, click on the Position Type dropdown filter, check the box for Temporary Law Clerk - Chambers, and click Apply.
  4. OSCAR displays temporary positions. Click on a judge name to view the position details.

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